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Brian likes simple things and he wants to show you how to use the tools you already own. Using Radius is one of these things. All of our edge devices are capable of it. But hardly anyone uses it. Brian will show us all when to use it, why to use it and how to use it to provide authentication at the edge of our networks.

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What do your wireless access point, a cable / DSL modem, and a VPN connection have in common? They can all be authenticated against a central user database such as Active Directory using RADIUS.  RADIUS is one of the least known / utilized methods of authentication available in Windows, but one of the most useful. The most common use for RADIUS in small business is to authenticate external users who want to connect to a company’s VPN appliance, enabling them to use the same username and password for their remote access as their AD logon, because everything, including their password, is tied back to their Active Directory account. Ever wonder how an ISP tracks who is connected to their network, or what speed internet service you purchased? In this session we will answer that question and more as we explore some of the various uses of RADIUS, ways you probably already interact with it (probably unknowingly),  and how you can take advantage of this very useful protocol to provide your clients with a simpler, more streamlined connection process, while actually making things easier to manage.

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  • Chelsea Hale

    Hi there,

    My name is Chelsea Hale, I work in community department for LabTech and we were interested in learning more about Brain Explosion and possibly having it at our annual user conference in June.

    If you could give me a call at (813) 868-1063 that would be great.

    Chelsea Hale