Brain Explosion Webinar tomorrow: How to handle Meltdown and Spectre 2

The prospect of patching and updating firmware to protect systems, servers and IoT devices against the CPU vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre are tapping out the resources of IT firms everywhere. Couple that with uncertainly of performance hits and the shifting landscape of what patches are available and which have been recalled and the result is that many are simply ignoring the problem.

Meltdown allows a local, user-land (unprivileged) process to read contents of any memory mapped to the process. This includes kernel memory and this is why this vulnerability is dangerous. Imagine your browser being able to read the contents of any other open application. Imagine one virtual machine being able to read data from another virtual machine. It’s a phone, a PC, a firewall, a managed switch than can be the culprit of this intrusion. This is what is at stake. There’s no longer a safe isolated place for any application on your network.

Our resident security professional, Susan Bradley, will give us the details as well as how we should be tackling this problem from the IT side.

Join us tomorrow at Noon Pacific time for this important webinar. Download the calendar invitation Or use the following URL at the appropriate time.


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