What are “Good Backups” when it comes to Ransomware?

I’ve been responding to multiple ransomware outbreaks for clients, and there’s something I’ve been noticing: having backups isn’t enough. They have to be “good” and that deserves some explaining. – A domain joined system with a “backup” share isn’t going to cut it. It will quickly be compromised. – An external drive that remains attached […]

Recording: Azure Backup and Replication Demo

Last week I recorded a webinar on Azure Backup and Replication, did a demo and showed some live examples of replication. Completely with demo glitch and recovery here is the recording. _____ Not a Third Tier customer yet? Let me introduce:  We’re Third Tier. We provide advanced Third Tier support for IT Professionals and […]

Events: Azure Backup and Replication Demo; How to sell security to non-regulated firms; Chat with Phil

Everything month we do at least two recorded free events at Third Tier. Here’s what we have coming schedule for the rest of 2015. 11/18/20157:00 pm EST – 8:00 pm ESTChat with Phil If you don’t know Phil you’re in for a treat. Phil is a charismatic Hyper-v Cluster MVP who works in small business. […]

Using and Managing Azure Backup

Azure backup pricing just dropped by between 22-78% depending on the amount of data that you’ll be storing. This has made it a very reasonably priced and good option for file and folder backup of servers or PC’s and Azure virtual machines. For SMB it requires no VPN and no System Center. It is secure […]