Dave Shackelford

What are “Good Backups” when it comes to Ransomware?

I’ve been responding to multiple ransomware outbreaks for clients, and there’s something I’ve been noticing: having backups isn’t enough. They have to be “good” and that deserves some explaining. – A domain joined system with a “backup” share isn’t going to cut it. It will quickly be compromised. – An external drive that remains attached […]

How many times have you spent far more time on an issue than you should have?

We’ve all done it. That’s why Third Tier exists.We give you access to the experts that can get a project done or a problem solves so you aren’t spinning your wheels instead of making money. About Third Tier Established in 2008, Third Tier only works for IT Professionals by providing them with access to advanced […]

KB3002657 can cause Outlook auth issues with Exchange 2013 1

This week I’ve had two clients have sudden issues with auth prompts in previously trouble-free Exchange 2013 environments. One of them worked with a Microsoft engineer and eventually determined that a recent patch pushed out on Tuesday that was meant to block the Poodle exploit caused issues with NTLM with HTTPS authentication. Since Exchange 2013 […]

Third Tier 2015 Sneak Preview

We held a webinar where we talked about what we’ll be up to in 2015. Here’s the concluding slide. 8 programs and 11 staff. We recorded the session; you can download it and have a listen. We talked about our current programs: Helpdesk, MicroStaffing, SMBKitchen and Brain Explosion. Then we talked about our new programs: […]

Pruning Exchange Distribution Lists

Some organizations end up having cluttered distribution lists still populated with mailboxes belonging to employees who have left the company. One strategy I’ve employed is when an employee leaves, to add their mailbox to a Distribution List I call “Sunset”. That list contains all non-active employees whose mailboxes have not been deleted yet. Once the […]

How to Use Exchange for Compliance and Archiving

Dave Shackelford has spent a significant amount of time recently helping small and medium businesses develop their archiving solution in Exchange and preforming legal searches. It can be really time consuming. The better solution is to plan in advance, set your compliance rules and archiving policy today. Exchange 2010 Compliance and Archiving Presented by David […]

Setting up Autodiscover for SBS 2011 14

If you already have a domain name registered and are able to create your own DNS SRV records (some DNS hosts don’t allow SRV record creation), it would be a good idea to create an Autodiscover SRV record to make it easier for Outlook 2007/2010 clients to autoconfigure themselves for Outlook Anywhere (RPC-over-HTTPS) and ActiveSync.