View a sites SSL certificate in Chrome

It has become difficult to view a site SSL certificate using Chrome. The new UI hides is pretty well. But with just a couple of clicks you can open the certificate. Here’s how: Press the vertical … on the address bar. Select More Tools, Then Developer Tools. Next, choose the Security tab and press the […]

How to enable email encryption in Office 365

Originally published at So you’ve rolled out email, yay! But have you enabled your users to send secure encrypted email?  It is a very underused feature among small- and medium-sized businesses.  This makes me kind of sad because every business sends some personal data that should be protected. Quotes, bids, specifications, drawings, credit card […]

An Addition to the Ransomware Prevention Kit is Now Available–Configuring Trend Micro 9

Wayne Small, one of our fabulous engineers at ThirdTier has made a new contribution to the Ransomware Prevention Kit. He provides a step-by-step guide to configuring Trend Micro for maximum ransomware prevention complete with screenshots of the settings you need to configure. If you’ve already purchased the kit, then just log in again and grab […]

Webinar: A Lap Around Azure Security

Kicking off a new year of webinars at Third Tier, Tom Shinder program manager in Azure Security Engineering gives us a tour of the security features in Azure. Download to your calendar Description: “Public cloud computing enables companies to focus on their business. They can benefit from not needing to take responsibility for IT infrastructure […]

Events: Azure Backup and Replication Demo; How to sell security to non-regulated firms; Chat with Phil

Everything month we do at least two recorded free events at Third Tier. Here’s what we have coming schedule for the rest of 2015. 11/18/20157:00 pm EST – 8:00 pm ESTChat with Phil If you don’t know Phil you’re in for a treat. Phil is a charismatic Hyper-v Cluster MVP who works in small business. […]

Folder Permissions: How To Properly Disinherit Permissions

We run into a lot of ACL corruption issues and access issues when a folder has not been disinherited properly. The following is the best method for disinheriting permissions a folder receives from its parent: Right click on the folder and click Properties Click the Advanced button Click the Change Permissions button if required Click […]

Review SSL certificates for compliance with upcoming rules. PCI DSS, BEAST, FREAK, POODLE and Private Domain Names like .local

by Susan Bradley The rules for SSL certificates are changing. Much of SSL has now been deemed broken so it’s likely that your certificates will need to be updated and your web servers need to have some setting changes made in order to remain in compliance. Further, if you haven’t heard, Google is now favoring […]