View a sites SSL certificate in Chrome

It has become difficult to view a site SSL certificate using Chrome. The new UI hides is pretty well. But with just a couple of clicks you can open the certificate. Here’s how: Press the vertical … on the address bar. Select More Tools, Then Developer Tools. Next, choose the Security tab and press the […]

SSL Certificate Lessons for Essentials Server

Our friend Robert Pearman has written another article on understanding SSL certificates. This time it’s for people that have deployed Essentials Server.  Certificates are important to understand. Not only for your server but also for your website. The times have changed and now Google ranks SSL sites higher than non-SSL websites. SHA-1 is broken and […]

Review SSL certificates for compliance with upcoming rules. PCI DSS, BEAST, FREAK, POODLE and Private Domain Names like .local

by Susan Bradley The rules for SSL certificates are changing. Much of SSL has now been deemed broken so it’s likely that your certificates will need to be updated and your web servers need to have some setting changes made in order to remain in compliance. Further, if you haven’t heard, Google is now favoring […]