SMBKitchen Project

SMBKitchen Project

by Third Tier and the SMBKitchen Crew

The SMBKitchen Project contains the best information on consulting, managing and configuring enterprise grade solutions for your small business clients. This project is developed by leading IT professionals currently working in this market space. Reality is that is that we all need to know A LOT of different technologies, both on-premise and cloud, to be successful today. To efficiently deliver that breadth of information requires more than just words on paper. It requires words on paper, webinars, scripts, video, in-depth training classes and maybe more. That is what we are going to deliver.

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Our crew has street cred! Not only are some of them Microsoft MVP’s but they are all active high caliber IT Professionals that are out there solving problems.Meet the SMBKitchen Crew!

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Your subscription to this project gets you:

  • • Chapters: Consulting, Security, Server, Essentials, Multipoint, Exchange, Backup, In the Know and Cloud Solutions
  • • Webinars (recorded and live)
  • • How-To Video’s
  • • Special Susan Bradley Video Series Patch-22!
  • • Tips and Updates to keep the content current
  • Cost and Duration

  • • $15 per month for the duration of the project for a total of $180
  • • Project duration is expected to be 12 months
  • • If you join late your first payment will include all previous months
  • • You are able to download all material for your use only
  • Questions? Please send an email to