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For many resellers and customers, gaining remote access to their office has been “simple”.  They simply open port 3389 and forward it to a server or workstation in their office and they can gain remote access.  The problem however is that this then leaves the system vulnerable to breach via some pretty simple tools that will attempt to guess passwords of common users.  Once they’ve gained access, they can then interact with your systems as if they were inside your office.  A recent article from well-respected Bleeping Computer site shows that there are millions of systems exposed in this way, just waiting to be hacked.

 The issue however is not just that people can get in, but more the fact that they can TRY to get in.  We’ve seen a number of instances where server stability has been compromised due to the brute force methods that the hackers are using to attempt to break down the door.  Close the port 3389 and the server stability improves dramatically as does security.

The team here at Third Tier have helped many clients secure their networks by implementing other remote access methods that are not subject to the attack methods.  The most common one is properly implementing RD Gateway which offers a multilevel method of access control where not only do you need to know a valid username and password, you also need to know the specific computer system you wish to access in order to gain access.  Fail either one of those two, and you don’t get in.

The reality of it is this.  If you have RDP open to the Internet, it’s only a matter of WHEN you will be hacked, not IF.  Lock it down now.  If you need help with implementing RDGateway for your clients, then the team here at Third Tier are well equipped to help you with it, just ask us.

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One thought on “Fail to protect RDP and you will be hacked

  • Peter Gilbert

    I concur… It’s bad practice. Something like the free IDDS from definitely helps if you insist on tis terrible practice. RD Gateway is the way to go.