You’ve clicked a link or went to a non-existent page!  Our mission is to help IT Professionals so read on. We’ve got lot of ways to help you, help your clients: Finance!  A Helpdesk for IT Professionals, BeTheCloud to make more profits, TechYourBooks to figure out your own books and more.

The usual reason for being here is that you’ve got an old link to our Cryptlocker downloads. Cryptolocker is so 2013 that we’ve removed it and replaced it with our Ransomware Prevention Kit which covers a lot more variants with its layered approach. You can find it here:

If you were looking for something else go ahead and open a ticket in our helpdesk and let us know what’s missing please. We won’t know if you don’t tell us.



Not a Third Tier customer yet? Let me introduce:  We’re Third Tier. We provide advanced Third Tier support for IT Professionals and MicroStaffing for IT consulting firms. Come on over, create an account (no charge) and follow our social media locations. 

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