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This is not a subscription in the traditional sense, rather it is a payment program in which you will be charged $15 per month for 12 months of access to the materials. The total is $180 for the entire project period. If you have any questions along the way you may email and she will help you personally.

Register for an account. Press the register button found in the middle of the page. After completing this process, which involves creating a username and password then verifying your email address you will have an account with Third Tier.


Once you have an account with Third Tier log into your account and press the Payments button.


Then Press the Make a Purchase button.


Next press the Purchase more Subscription button.


To start-up enter a 1 in the SMBKitchen Subscription Start-Up item box. (Use the scroll bar at the right if needed) This will catch you up in the project and provide access to all currently published documents through the end of the current month. Optionally you may also purchase future months by entering a number representing the those months into the SMBKitchen Additional Months box. Then choose either PayPal to check out using your PayPal account or the Credit Cards button to use a credit card. PayPal handles our merchant account processing, however no PayPal account is required if you are paying by credit card.


When you’ve completed the check-out you’ll be brought back into our portal. You must press the PayNow button to complete the transaction. That button is on the far right bottom corner of the payment confirmation window.

You’re done! You are now a member of the SMBKitchen Project. You will soon receive a welcome email and another email with invitations to upcoming webinars. We will also add you to a security group that will give you permission to new folders in the Knowledgebase area of the helpdesk portal.

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