Recording and Slide Deck for Securing Office 365 1

On February 13th, Amy gave a webinar on the standard set of security settings that her MSP is using. It is based on the E3 environments but many of the settings are also available in other business plans as well. This set represents the starting position. You can use this information to build your own starting position for new Office 365 clients.

The webinar was very well received. Thank you for the compliments. It means a lot to us here.

I learned more helpful information from you in one hour today than I’ve learned collectively over 5 years from Microsoft. I am very, very appreciative and grateful for you and your efforts.

Great webinar today – I learned a lot!

You can download the recording here and the slidedeck here. In the slide deck be sure to view the notes. I’ve include some powershell scripts there.

Our next webinar will be on the new Ransomware configurations we have for Windows 10. Keep an eye here on the blog for the date and time.


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