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We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a crisis. You have a plan but is it the right plan? Will it work? How long will it take? Did I miss anything?

It’s hard to think clearly in those situations. You need someone to validate that you’ve thought through this clearly so you post on Reddit? Some random fake named people chime in with different ideas. Not helpful. What you need is validation.

Open a ticket with us. Our helpdesk was built for IT professionals. Communicate with a real person. A real expert. Here’s how it’ll go

Client: Client server hit by cryptolocker. files are all ok, were kept on Mozy Pro. The server was SBS2003. Yeah, I told him for years. Not a lot of users. only 3. We are putting up a new HP server with Server Essentials 2016. Mail all on Exchange 365. They do not want files on 365. I can run the old server. Here’s the question. Do I yank the old server off and start the new one as a new domain? Do I try to add the new one to the existing domain and then remove the old DC? Other Ideas are welcome. One thing, I do not want to have to create new desktop profiles on each of the workstations. They want their desktops to look and feel the same.
Server arrives today and I plan to start work tomorrow.
Any advice?


-If you will build new domain then you need to create new profiles then we might be able to update the profiles data which is after the creation of 1st new desktop.
-Adding new domain controller will be better option but sync it from backup and not from other DC which is infected.

Client: I don’t trust the backups of the server, so I’m leaning towards setting up a new domain, possibly with the same name. Then, disjoining the three workstations and rejoining them to the new server / domain. I’ll make copies of what the desktops look like and then copy those into the new profiles on the local machines.
Does that sound like that might work?

ThirdTier: This plan should work very well. I hope there is no redirection or roaming profiles. They should have everything in the C:\Users of the local laptop/desktop. As you said they are only 3 then fixing all three computer profile should not take more than an hour once they have new profile created.
We can even change the path of the profiles from the registry to point to the old profile using profileimagepath in the registry.


Client: No redirects, just some mapping from scripts. No roaming. I can disconnect from the domain without the domain running, correct? I really don’t want to bring the buggy server up while connected.

ThirdTier: Yes, you can disjoin the domain without the DC being online.

Best Regards,
Prabhat Nigam
Microsoft Technologies Expert | Third Tier

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a trusted ear to check your solution. We can be that person for you

  • Peter Gilbert

    Hhmmm… A sort of second set of eyes/DR for smaller IT shops that may need help with a client catastrophe? A DR site, w/out up front payment? As in… on-demand pricing for when a catastrophe hits. If that is what you’re thinking and prices are reasonable, count me in! Granted, like my DR site analogy above, I hope to never have to use these services, but it would be reassuring to know that you’re there. Thoughts?

    • Third Tier Post author

      I’m not sure how a DR site could be hosted without payment. There are server resources and storage space costs. This however, is not our business model. We are here simply to be your helpdesk. The place where IT professionals turn to for assistance when they need it.

    • Third Tier Post author

      No our expertise is in use either in remoteing into your system or walking you through the process so our rates do not change.