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The content of what you should be doing is still in flux and will be changing over the next couple of months as vendors prepare (and test!) their firmware updates. Meanwhile you should begin by inventorying your install base so you know which firmware you need to acquire. You will also need to determine if you have servers and workstations that cannot manage the performance hit that these fixes are going to cause. You also will need to get your clients buy-in if you plan to leave some areas vulnerable.

There are currently two exploits in the wild. There will be more. This is the most significant and largest impact security flaw that has ever been discovered. We can expect more to come now that the first person has broken the code into the black box we call the processor. So get used to the process and we’re betting that you’ll need to repeat it.

Remember, if you need assistance making your plan, finding information, implementing the fixes, that Third Tier is here to help you. It’s what do. We help IT professionals just like you. Open a ticket at https://helpdesk.thirdtier.net

You can download the recording here and the slide deck here. You’ll want both as we’ve included many resource and educational links for you. Keep an eye here on the blog for an announcement in the March-April timeframe for our next webinar on this topic. By then we should be ready for the firmware phase of this process and have more information for you about exploits in the wild.


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  • Sue (Susan) Colley


    No time to watch right now, but thank you SO much for the downloads, so I can watch later offline!!

    Have a great day!!