View a sites SSL certificate in Chrome

It has become difficult to view a site SSL certificate using Chrome. The new UI hides is pretty well. But with just a couple of clicks you can open the certificate. Here’s how:

Press the vertical … on the address bar. Select More Tools, Then Developer Tools.


Next, choose the Security tab and press the View Certificate button. Remember that you have to be on the tab for the page that you want to review.


Here you will find a bunch of information about the site that you are viewing. First the Certificate box shows you whether the certificate is for the site you are viewing. It also shows you if the certificate is still within in valid period.

In the Security Overview page you will see any notifications about the extent of the sites security. I’ve used our own helpdesk page in this example. Our helpdesk pages pulls in our blog content which resides on an http only site. So in the yellow section at the bottom you see exactly which parts of the page are not covered by SSL, in this case it’s the photos within the blog posts.

I’ve already purchased and am about to deploy an SSL certificate to our blog website so these warning are going away but I wanted to share this with you first because it’s a good example of how you can see whether the important parts of an SSL website are security or not. In the warning section if you saw anything about the login boxes for example then you would have a reason for concern about that website.

Most SSL websites are secured but if you have any suspicions you can use this method to check them out.

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