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During the migration webinar, the topic of how to clean up the Active Directory and remove non-existent domain controllers is done came up. Here’s what you should do:

Test active directory replication.

    • Run repadmin /syncall this will tell you whether the domain controller is able to communicate with all domain controllers in the active directory.
    • Run dcdiag /test:DNS this will tell you whether all of the DNS servers are responding and available. It will also test AD integration.

If there’s a problem.

    • Run the SBS 2003 Best Practices Analyzer. This will check your server configuration for errors.
    • If you need to remove a non-existent domain controller from your active directory follow the steps in this kb article.
    • Run the Essential Business Server Preparation Wizard. It is available as a separate download. It does not do anything to your network, it does about 100 networking checks to determine is everything is working properly. If there are issues, it provides KB article links to assist you in resolving them.
    • If you have Journal Wrap errors. Set this registry key System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters\Enable Journal Wrap Automatic Restore=1 and restart the replication service.

To get ready for migration be sure that your computers, users and servers are in the correct OU’s.

    • Servers should be in the SBS Servers. Computers should be in SBS Computers. Users should be in SBS Users. You can drag and drop them into place.
    • Delete any old users, computers, servers that are no longer on the network.

When you are finished “fixing” things.

    • Test active directory replication again.

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One thought on “Active Directory Clean-up prep for SBS migration

  • Sailmarc

    In AD Users & Computers, where would we pull the SBS server from. Currently the “SBSServers” OU has nothing in it and the existing SBS server is listed under “Domain Controllers.” I am hesitant to just drag & drop that server from “DC’s” to “SBSServers”… Am I just being too cautious?