Testing Exchange Connectivity

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I was reading TechNet Magazine and it prompted me to remember about an excellent tool for testing exchange. Until I read the TechNet article, I actually didn’t realize that the tool belonged to Microsoft. It’s http://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com and it is now officially called the Microsoft Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer – Beta. They’ve upgraded a few things since I first used it.

Here’s what you get:



When the results come back for each test you get a nice listing of the path it took to perform the test and a listing WITH explanation of any failures including links to support and technet articles describing how to resolve the issue that was discovered.

Here’s an example. In this example, I asked that the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connectivity Test be performed with AutoDiscover. The results are detailed and below is an example of an error condition that it discovered including the link for information tips on resolving the problem. In my case, I do not allow port 80 connections to my server, so this error is expected.




The Microsoft Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a well thought out tool that is excellent for verifying an installation or troubleshooting a problematic one. Keep this one in the toolkit.

So who wrote this blog and what do they do for a living anyway?

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