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This weekend I noticed that NSLOOKUP on my SBS 2008 server is no longer able to return the local DNS server name. Maybe it’s just semantics because otherwise NSLOOKUP seems to work fine, just was bothering me. Having noticed that it is using the IPv6 address for NSLOOKUP resolution I knew right away what the problem was – there’s no IPv6 information in my DNS. Specifically NSLOOKUP uses the PTR record.

Here’s how to resolve that problem:

At this point we’re just using a LinkLocal IP address. All LinkLocal addresses start with the prefix fe80:: Which in ipv4 speak is like the 169.254…addressing. It doesn’t go anywhere, it is just for internal use.


  1. Create an IPv.6 AAAA host record in the .local zone


2.   Create an IPv.6 reverse lookup zone for fe80::/64


3.   Create a ptr record for the IPv6 address of the server. To do this use the browse option in the new PTR record window



Now NSLookup will know the name of the local DNS server.


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3 thoughts on “Adding IPv6 to DNS

  • Ed


    I couldn’t get this to work with step 2. “Create an IPv.6 reverse lookup zone for fe80::\64”

    That should be a “forward” slash “Create an IPv.6 reverse lookup zone for fe80::/64”. Then it works like a charm!

    Thanks for posting this. It got me close enough to end that annoyance on my SBS 2008 servers.


  • JCP

    Thank you for sharing this!!! I had no idea how to generate an IPv6 address so I used ipconfig to get the IP that was automaically assigned to the nic. At the end I cut off the “%10”.
    (nic ipv6 settings automatic IP and static dns ::1) Then all the other steps…
    worked like a charm! The DNS is now working fast and the temporary exclamationmark on the nic icon is gone.