Apple Releases Mac OS 10.6.3, Update Addresses Record Number of Fixes/Improvements

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On Monday, March 29, Apple released a major update to its Snow Leopard operating system, making the incremental update of 10.6.3 available for download and installation. According to ComputerWorld ( and other sources, the 92 updates and fixes included in the release is a record number of issues addressed in a single update.

The default Software Update settings in Snow Leopard will check in with the Apple update servers on a weekly basis, so within the next 5-7 days any Mac running Snow Leopard should notify its operator that new updates are available for download and installation. Users can check for this and other updates manually by selecting Software Updates from the Apple Menu on any Mac running OS 10.x.

A security update for Mac OS 10.5 was also released on Monday, and while it is not as large of an update as 10.6.3, it still addresses several significant security issues and should be installed on any 10.5 Macintosh as soon as possible.