Webinar: Team Bradley is in the house! Thursday

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Third Tier welcomes Team Bradley to our webinar series. Back in the day, smaller businesses were exempt from most regulation, but not in the new era of information security. Are you making the right recommendations to your clients? Do you need to get up to speed on the new regulations and laws that effect nearly every business? This webinar is for all of us that need to educate our clients on security and information privacy.

Join Team Bradley – Susan Bradley and Bradley Dinerman – from the hotbed states of California and Massachusetts, as they discuss the impact to small firms of recent privacy, security and disclosure legislation.  From PCI data security standards (DSS) to the Massachusetts data security law to the upcoming FCC "red flag" rules, they will discuss and answer your questions regarding security and compliance issues.  Come listen to what you need to do to be compliant, including taking steps such as the development of a written information security policy (WISP), implementation of encryption systems, firewalls, antimalware, employee training and much more.  We will even touch on the security of social networking sites and how they can affect your organization, for better or for worse.

Brad Dinerman is the founder and president of the National Information Security Group (NAISG, www.naisg.org) and the president of Fieldbrook Solutions LLC (www.fieldbrook.net), an IT, MIS and security consulting firm based in Ashland, MA.  He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Security as well as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and a Certified SonicWall Security Administrator.  He also earned a Ph.D. in physics from Boston College to help him calculate how long it would take to launch his frozen computer across the local highway.  Brad is a frequent contributor to various online TechTips sites and gives user group/conference presentations on topics ranging from spam and security solutions to Internet development techniques. He also published numerous articles in international physics journals in his earlier, scientific career.

Susan Bradley is frequent speaker at SMB conferences, most recently SMBnation East.  She writes the Patch Watch column for Brian Livingston’s Windows Secrets, and was one of the authors of Windows Server 2008 Security Resource kit, and Small Business Server 2008 Unleashed. In real life she’s the IT wrangler at her firm, Tamiyasu, Smith, Horn and Braun, where she manages a fleet of Windows Servers, an Exchange Server, desktops, a few Macs, several Windows mobile and iPhones and tries to keep patches up to date on all of them. In addition, she provides forensic computer investigations for the litigation consulting arm of the firm. She blogs at www.sbsdiva.com on the topics of small business server, tech topics and whatever she stumbled over that day.

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Meeting time: May 13, 2010 12:00 PM (EDT) 

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