Q&A: Remote Desktop Apps

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Thank you to everyone for attending today webinar on Implementing Remote Desktop Apps. Here is the Q&A from today’s session. Remember our webinars take place every Third Thursday at Noon Eastern. Keep on eye on www.thirdtier.net/blog and our various social media locations for an invitation to the next webinar.

Question: Do you know of a Remote App client for the iPad???? That would be a killer app.
Answer: Eriq has heard of one, but has not seen it or used it.

Question: If the server is being run as a virtual installation, do you use that virtualization role?
Answer: We’ll ask Eriq at the end of the presentation.

Question: Is this the same as ‘change user/install’?
Answer: Yes it is. The installation process for this is pretty much the same as other TS components.

Question: Are apps on this list assumed to be installed in TS mode?
Answer: Yes

Question: The local drive is shown. I thought it was disabled?
Answer: You can make both local and remote drives available to the users.

Question: access to the servers drives and resources are still the same as when logged onto the local network – so no difference – right?
Answer: Permissions and security groups and such all still apply as usual.

Question: is there no way to pass through users Domain credentials?
Answer: I’ll ask Eriq at the end of the presentation. But in the example, he is showing the user computer is not a member of the domain.

Question: How does this handle situation where an application needs to start a second app to function?
Answer: I’ll ask Eriq this question at the end of presentation.

Question: I think what I saw was under the RDS role section.
Answer: The remote dekstop virtualization host enables user to connect to virtual machines.

Question: We are using eClinicalWorks medical app in RemoteApp and it works pretty well, but from time to time the app will seize up and leave a big black box in the middle of the screen that won’t go away.
Answer: We aren’t familiar with this application. Perhaps a permissions issue? If you go to the server are you able to figure out what is supposed to be displayed? There could be many different solutions.

Question: Black window problem hotfix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/981156
Answer: thanks!

Question: but not all sessions will desire to have drive restrictions set. Hmm – needs work!
Answer: Yes, but there are global settings on the server itself in the session host configuration manager, under client settings. This effects the whole server and everyone that connects to it. Group Policy is another option.

Question: Thanks guys!
Answer: welcome
Question: Very nice presentation. Vastly underrated feature and it is FREE!
Answer: absolutely
Question: Great sesion thaks for taking the time to share your knowledge….
Answer: thanks
Question: Great info as usual – Thanks!!
Answer: thanks


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