Did you miss the SBS 2011 launch party?

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Amy provided Harry Brelsford of SMBNation with a summary of the happenings.


Q&A from the webinar is posted to http://www.thirdtier.net/2010/12/sbs-2011-release-qa/

We are also happy to say that the recording of the webinar came out well and will be posted soon to http://www.thirdtier.net/store 


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0 thoughts on “Did you miss the SBS 2011 launch party?

  • Ikiko

    Follow Up we had a consultant come in to help out and he found that the priovder you are using needs to be in 3 web.configs, not 2 Central admin, your site and the web service application for Claims Based Auth ARG! This would have been good information 3 days ago Microsoft I understand that this is a complicated system but PLEASE think of these details when you release it into the wild that, or start paying us for documenting your issues Thanks for finding the issue Chris C!