SBS 2011 Release Q&A 1

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Thank you Tim Barrett and Susan Bradley for making our SBS 2011 Release Party a success!


  • Ken – Custom, handmade Mini Cooper Gingerbread Cookie
  • Axel – Wireless Detector T-Shirt
  • Fred – Signed copy of Have U Rebooted Yet? cartoon
  • Joe – Kindle

Question: Is this being recorded and if so, can I access it later?
Answer: We have not had much luck with recording lately. But we’re going to try.
Question: Sounds fine here
Answer: Thanks Tom. Tim needs to change out his mic and then we’ll get started
Question: Yes-Storage Server Release Party!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: yes to storage server
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Interested in the Stroage Server Essentials
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Definitely interested in Storage Server Essentials!!
Answer: Thanks!
Question: yes I’m interested in the storage webinar
Answer: Thanks!
Question: both Essentials sessions would be good
Answer: thanks!
Question: Internet bandwidth availability, reliability and needs should also be a factor considered in addition to shop size. This is often overlooked in most presentations as it is assumed that everyone has fat bandwidth and 5-9s reliability for connectivity.
Answer: Good point Ken. Absolutely needs to be considered
Question: Deploying SBS 2011 now? Does Bes work?
Answer: I havne’t tested BES on SBS 2011 yet, so can’t answer directly. May have to wait until after SBS 2011 actually gets out and see what Blackberry’s support will be.
Question: Scenario – Customer has been waiting for a while, and customer’s business is slow now, will pick up significantly in January. Wait for 2011 bits and install in January, or use 2008 and install now?
Answer: Personally I would wait unti 2011. The customer may appreciate that their cash flow will probably also look better in January with the increased business.
Question: I see that SBS 2011 is still not available in MAPS. Any idea when we can start playing with the RTM version.
Answer: Real soon now is what we keep hearing.
Question: So are you saying that we can purchase SBS 2011 Standard and upgrade the Exchange CALs?
Answer: That is our understanding, yes.
Question: oh goodie, i can finnally pare down my 12GB Mailbox!
Answer: :)
Question: Is 2011 going to be better as a VM?
Answer: Better is a subjective term. From a server growth and a disaster recovery standpoint, I believe yes, a VM is a better solution. It brings some additional complexity, but performancewise the server should be pretty close to bare metal.
Question: Exchange 2003 has jounraling…
Answer: Exchange 2010 has journalling and much, much more
Question: Is this archive with retention policies a pst file, or is it somewhere in the Exchange store?
Answer: It is housed in the exchange store
Question: Can that be changed by the user, or does the admin change it, either universally or individually?
Answer: The admin sets the Exchange features
Question: Shares only on SBS box or anywhere on network?
Answer: Only shares on the SBS server.
Question: What about using hidden shares (localonly$)?
Answer: Haven’t tested that yet, we’ll check into that and report back.
Question: What’s the difference between sharing files on RWA and accessing CompanyWeb? Security wise.
Answer: From a security standpoint, very little.
Question: Can you protect a shared folder with a password?
Answer: What ever the user has access to while in the office, they have acces to remotely.
Question: Many clients are approaching the 75GB max for Exchange 2003 databae. Is it true that Exch 2010 in SBS 2011 no longer has a database limit?
Answer: There is no 75GB database limit like in Exchagne 2003, but it’s not "unlimited"
Question: I’ve got to run, will I be able to download and finish watching the rest of the presentation later? Great stuff guys…thanks
Answer: We will have the deck posted, and hopefully the recording will work and we will post it if it does.
Question: I still prefer term servers for remote access.
Answer: Thanks Tom, good idea especially from the standpoint that you have finite control of what gets enabled by default.
Question: For my clients that have SBS 2008 how do I answer the question. Why should I upgrade to SBS 2011. What value does it have to justify the cost?
Answer: SBS 2008 to 2011 upgrade (in my opinion) is a tough sell. Other than some RWA, OWA, and backup changes, it’s pretty much a version refresh. 2003 to 2011 upgrade though is a much easier sell.
Question: Is the RTM already avaliable for download, I’m a Gold Partner
Answer: Not yet, should be available "soon"
Question: Please post the SBS Build Docs URL Susan just mentioned.
Question: Can we see that last page with links again?
Answer: that ok?
Question: Any idea of SBS Essentials 2011 release (other than 1st half)…?
Answer: No ideas. Still waiting on additional details from Microsoft.
Question: Wasn’t there a "" or something similar?
Answer: Answered live :-)
Question: When will this be available for volume licensing?
Answer: You should be able to purchase from your disti of choice in January 2011.
Question: yeah, that’s the one I was asking for
Private Answer: Cool!
Question: When will SBS Mirgation be releasing their 2011 docs?
Answer: Don’t have an exact date, should be fairly soon, however.
Question: If you had a proposal out there for 2008, would you change to sbs2011 if they were going to do this in a month?
Answer: I think the panelists would all recommend doing 2011 instead of 2008.
Question: So, assuming the resources, would a good strategy be to set it all up in a virtual environment and then when all good, convert to physical?
Answer: I like virtual all the way (Susan here)
Question: when will SBS 2011 Standard be available on Action Pack?
Answer: It should show up in the Action Pack downloads very soon.
Question: was trying to get susan out of hot water and let her mention it :>)
Answer: oh, ok. :)
Question: the premium cals do not include remote desktop cals, correct?
Answer: That is correct. RD CALs always have been a separate purchase.
Question: then what do you think the pricing difference is? I hate to ‘eat’ that since the proposal just went out 2 weeks ago
Answer: I would go back to the customer and offer them the choice of 2011, but mention the price change up front. Even if the feature set doesn’t justify 2011 over 2008, 2011 has a longer support life.
Question: I’m not sure you clarified…. From SBS2008 to SBS2011 both standard. Is that a simple migration / upgrade or is that like the difficult SBS2003 to 2008
Answer: SBS 2011 is a migration, not an upgrade.
Question: I know about the 32-64 bit migration issue, yet prior to 64 bit needs, SBS (and Exchange) could upgrade on the same box. Does anyone have any idea why Microsoft chose not to allow in-place upgrading from Exchange 2008 to Exchange 2010? (Or SBS 2008 to SBS 2011)?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: Does a virtual SBS 2011 support a rotating set of USB drives for backup?
Answer: R2’s hyper v support hot swap scsi disks
Question: Do you know when the final release will be avialible on ActionPack and Technet for download for partners?
Answer: Not sure, We’ll blog when it is. We’re watching as well :-)
Question: Can we install av trial/demo version to our customers, an
d register it when it is avaible?
Answer: Correct. Install without a key, put in the product key later just like SBS 2008
Question: For SBS2008 installations I have always purchased the Premium version so that I can virtualsie SBS2008 as a guest. Does SBS2011 standard allow virtualisation without buying the Premium version?
Answer: You need "a" Windows 2008 r2 hyperV base, Standard alone doesn’t provide this. You can install with the HyperV server (free) but I personally like the GUI
Question: OS, so it’s a migration. Is it a simple "click here and migrate" or the whole migration dance like 2003 to 2008? OK, you just answered that from Ken’s question. SO they changes the database again!
Answer: RIght, it’s a full migration. You’ll never see an in-place upgrade of an SBS product again because of a lot of changes to the way installations are done.
Question: are there any books on sbs2011 coming
Answer: Charlie Russel is working on one
Question: How many days have we got on a trial SBS 2011?
Answer: 60 days with a SLrearm ability to extend to 240 days (as I recall – will confirm on blog)
Question: Is the default backup still limited to USB drives only?
Answer: Windows server backup in Server 2008 and newer is image-based and only supports backup to drive media. Does not have to be USB drives, but the native tools no longer support backup to tape.
Question: How good (useful) is the daily server status report in SBS 2011 compared to SBS 2003?
Answer: It’s like SBS 2008’s report. It’s an overview.
Question: I’ve read Sean Daniel talk about Microsoft MultiPoint Server 2011 being a great addition to a SBS network. Can you please explain this further?
Answer: YES, we will have more information this during our SBS Essentials webinar. The product manager for this product will be present and will tell us all about it.
Question: Can TS Web Access applications be published to the Remote Web Access site?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: lastly, what are your experiences with UM on SBS 2011? Is it even possible?
Answer: I’d recommend it on a second server. I do live comm now, but not on the same box as SBS 2008 now
Question: Where will the slide deck and video (if it works) be posted?’s blog?
Question: Is faxing with SBS 2011 viable, or is it still hit and miss like with 2008?
Answer: answered live
Question: Nick Whitthome mentioned redirected folders should no longer be used in a blog post today. Is it turned off by default on SBS 2011? What’s the downside. Should user docs be saved to a Storage Sever? Coming from 2003 what does this really mean.
Answer: I think he said that because he HATES redirected folders. It’s still there as an option.
Question: What specific fax/modem hardware are you all currently using in your deployments?
Answer: The only supported option now is US Robotics v.everything
Question: Fax: Also, Multitech 5600.
Answer: If its a business class fax it might work.
Question: Do you know if you can move or rename the Public folder/share in SBS2011? With 2008 I’ve been told you cannot (from Microsoft engineer). Why on earth you would call something Public Downloads and limit it to the C drive of a server, is beyond me.
Answer: answered live
Question: Will Susan blog on the landing page customization
Answer: considered it done. :)
Question: we use it. and used the USR. The Multitech seems to work better
Answer: I’ve also seen Multitechs work quite well.
Question: I have a customer that has a special situation. Does SBS 2011 support multiple individual fax numbers going to individual email addresses?
Answer: No it does not. You need a full fax server application to do that.
Question: is the Exchange database limitation the amount of disk space you have? Where can I get more info on the upgraded Exchange CALs and how the archiving works?
Answer: Look for public Exchange blogs and technet.
Question: Do you see SBS Essentials replacing Foundation Server?
Answer: Yes I do. I’ll tell you why…
Question: What was the date that we should expect to see 2011 hit the street?
Answer: OEM’s are saying add 3-4 months post RTM for their versions/media, I don’t like OEM installed servers though :-)
Question: So I need to build a new dc in MY office in the next few weeks..panel recommends jump right to sbs 2011?
Answer: IMHO Jump to 2011
Question: Ask the person who posted success with Multi-Tech Modems which specific models they have used?
Answer: posted
Question: Hey my good friends. I was late getting on unfortunately. I want my team to be able to watch this presentation. Is it safe to say you’ll have it posted for download? Merry Christmas to you all. -Vince
Answer: Hey Vince, thanks for attending. when the recording goes live
Question: I follow Sean Daniel on Twitter, but I missed the 2nd half of ur talk about him talking about MultiPoint in SBS environments. I thought it was EDU only…did you say there was going to be a future talk or blog about this?
Answer: Yes, we will have some additional info about that later on. The product manager will join us at our SBS 2011 Essentials webinar later in the year.
Question: Need to put my dauther to bed now here. (Norway) But will try to be on every livemeetings in 2011 from Third Tier. Good night or day! Merry Christmas… everyone.
Answer: Thanks!
Question: Mulit-Tec MT5634ZBA-V92
Answer: Awesome, thanks Jim!
Question: MT5600BA. The Courier we used to use dropped too many calls.
Answer: Thanks!
Question: In SBS2008 if you use a 3rd party backup tool instead of the included SBS Backup, the Summary and Detailed reports from SBS complain every day about backup not being configured, and there is a constant warning on the SBS Console. Has anything changed in 2011 that will give those reports and/or the console visibility to other backup solutions (StorageCraft for example)?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: Any idea if you will be able to use Storage Server Essentials as a file server? Application server? Terminal Server?
Answer: Yes on file services. I’m not sure about the licensing restrictions on application server, and I’m pretty sure not for terminal services.
Question: If Joe Engle does not respond to you with his address, will you select a different winner?
Private Answer: Do you want a comic Ken? ;-)
Question: Do the Exchange Enterprise Cal archiving features have an easy way for the user to selectively move "stuff" out of his/her mailbox to a shared folder or is the data limited to moving withing Exchange only.
Answer: I believe that the archive is read-only so no. But that might be configurable. Check the Exchange technet docs.
Question: Joe is in our Technology Wizards group in the Portland, OR area.
Answer: Congratulations Joe! enjoy that Kindle
Question: ok so do we have to test again for 2011? i just got my 2008 cert ;-)
Answer: Yep, there will be a next text.


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