Preparing to Migrate to SBS 2011: Q&A

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Question: Will this meeting be recorded?
Answer: Yes this meeting will be recorded and available for later download at
Question: Is ShadowProtect supported in SBS 2011 yet?
Answer: Yes, Storagecraft SBS is now supported.
Question: Do you have an outline available to us that includes both the Microsoft prep list and your list? I think you can see how it might be confusing to try to combine on our own.
Answer: Amy will be blogging the verification items
Question: When will the on demand of this webinar be available for viewing?
Answer: It will be up in a few days
Question: Just to verify what I think I heard….the slides will not be available for download?
Answer: The recorded webinar is available only.
Question: typo — not
Answer: Yes this is correct. Thanks for pointing it out.
Question: Will you demo a migration? and have you tried Karls Zero Downtime Migration I know Kevin Royalty prefers the Swing Migration…. Susan Bradleys Blog has lots of migration Information
Answer: All migration methods are good ones. Find the one that works for you.
Question: when you did your p2V SBS 2003 restore to test you must have had to deal with SID issues, could you elaborate on getting that test/learning environment together and how you addressed the SID issue?
Answer: no SID issues. I user Hyper-V and restored my test server into it.
Question: At which stage do you disable the original administrator’s account?
Answer: Not until the migration is 100% complete and the SBS 2003 has been removed from the domain
Question: Are you deploying any A/V in your migrations?
Answer: We remove the A/V on the day that migration starts.
Question: Then can you repost the Microsoft article from the beginning of the webinar?
Question: will you have these slides available to download? or is all this info in the Microsoft doc you referenced in the beginning? What is that URL again?
Answer: Slides are not available for download, but the webinar is recorded.
Question: one of the Microsoft steps towards the end of the migration is to UNINSTALL the Exchange 2003 from the old 2003 box before they decommission the sbs 2003 server – why do they do this? please discuss the concluding considerations (eg we will want to turn off that old power hog box that the sbs 2003 was on)?? comments please
Answer: Because Exchange 2003 is integrated into AD and will remain there if you don’t.
Question: could you repost the side that displays the 2 bits of software you need to install before installing the migration tool
Answer: It is on the screen now for you. They are powershell 2.0 and baseline configuration analyzer 2.0
Question: One more question….migration from SBS 2008 to SBS 2011?
Answer: should be easier, look for the technet doc there is on for this scenario
Question: Thank you very much Amy :) can we still create sales dashboards or other dashboards in sharepoint foundation 2010?
Answer: yes, you can
Question: are you going to hold another session on the post install steps?
Answer: Yes there will be at least one more webinar on migration
Question: Can do you do all of the prep work remotely?
Answer: YES!
Question: How did you have to modify your SBS 2003 VM as you put it on a separate network from the original box to run that test migration?
Answer: my test servers run in a different IP range.
Question: I like the 2010 version as well I just could not find examples or tutorials for creating dashboards in 2010 and after a google search there was some talk about deploying performance point server and the enterprise version
Answer: performance point is integrated into some version of sharepoint now.
Question: What’s your experience on the Monday for users at PC outlook finding the new Exch 2010 server? the users folder redirect finding the new user tree? and any other comments on the Monday follow up on site (ie after the Migration weekend)?
Answer: Outlook finds the new mailboxes just fine. Folder redirection is a pain and will be covered in the another migration webinar. I stop folder redirection during migration then reenable it after data has all been moved.
Question: With the power of todays quad core servers and storage. can sbs2011 handle the SQL 2008r2 on same box?
Answer: Yes they can. I however prefer running it separately usually in a virtual environment
Question: Did you start an hour earlier today? 12PM EST should be 18PM here in Norway. (or 18.00)
Answer: USA is on daylight savings time now
Question: ok thank you once again :) I hope you feel better and I hope things work out for Eriq have a great day.
Answer: thank you


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