Developers Converge on the Canadian Prairie and Edwin is there with them

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Third Tier’s Edwin Sarmiento is taking to the Prairie at the Prairie Dev Con 2011 in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada, June 13th and 14th.  He’s presenting two sessions, the details of which are below. One of which is deadlock demos. Sound scary? Learn how to over come and be sure to say Hello to Edwin.

Developers, Know Thy SQL Server Indexes

Indexes allow SQL Server to access your data in the most efficient manner. As a developer, understanding how SQL Server indexes work under-the-hood will give you insights on how to design effective indexing strategies.
In this session, you will learn what indexes are, how they work, basic indexing strategies and how query performance is affected by indexes.

SQL Server Execution Plans for Developers

Data-driven applications are mostly created without scalability and performance in mind. As the data grows, performance issues arise. In this session, you will learn how SQL Server execution plans can be used to identify problems with the database design or the TSQL code, and address those problems giving you a guidance on how to effectively improve your query performance.


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