MultiPoint Server 2011 Q&A from Webinar

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Here is a copy of the Q&A from our April 2011 webinar on MultiPoint Server. If you have additional questions please visit our webinar forum at to ask them. If you’d like to listen to a recording of the webinar please visit to download the recording. It will be available a couple of days following the webinar. Need some help with MultiPoint or another product? We’re here to help. Please open a ticket at www.

Question: I have some older wise thin clients will mps 2011 work with them?
Answer: If it connects via USB, Ethernet or Remote Desktop Client then yes.
Question: I can listen & watch very clearly from India !
Answer: Very good! Welcome
Question: Not getting any audio!
Private Answer: Ken, go to the voice & video and choose options. It will reconnect you.
Question: can we get these slides?
Answer: They will be in the recording and available in the Forum too.
Question: how far away from the ‘MP’ server can the desktop be located and what is the conneciton, CAT5?
Answer: It depends on the connection device that you are using. USB hubs are limited to 15 feet. Remote desktop and terminals are unlimited. Ethernet devices are limited to ethernet length limits. In summary, the distance is only limited by the connection method.
Question: dual monitor support?
Answer: if the client supports it yes. At this time that’s probably only remote desktop connections.
Question: Can the MP Server run in Hyper V?
Answer: Yes it can. It has the standard 1+1 licensing for that.
Question: can LOB apps like QuickBooks run on MP Server?
Answer: Yes, they can! Andy Goodman used it for this purpose in production already.
Question: Will WMS work with thin-client (e.g., Wyse) boxes?
Answer: Yes, you can use terminals to connect.
Question: what process required to return a users session back to default each logon? NO – I want all sessions to start the same. regardelss of what they load after.
Answer: can change it back in the console. Simple check box.
Question: Office 2010 Licensing for terminal services the same.
Answer: Yes, licensing is the same as any terminal server for applications.
Question: I assume you can put your screen on all the screens at once.
Answer: Yes you can do that too
Question: What OS is on the client computers
Answer: The client computers get a Windows 7 experience via the MultiPoint server.
Question: but is there an underlying os on the client?
Answer: There does not have to be any OS on the client.
Question: Steady State type operation was what I was asking about
Answer: It doesn’t Steady State but you can use Group Policy to effect the same kind of thing
Question: at it pro toronto earlier this month someone asked if this will act like steadystate and allow users to make changes for the session but reset to defaults when you logoff example install a program like a pdf converter and remove it at log off
Answer: You would need to use Group Policy to make this happen.
Question: How does MultiPoint compare to RD server? When would I use one vs the other?
Answer: MultiPoint is RD server with some add-ons. You should use it when you want the MultiPoint Features of workstation management, and zero client support.
Question: Is there a trial version I can test with?
Answer: Yes a full feature trial is available on the multipoint website at Microsoft.
Question: what are the thin client requirements? RDP version requirements?
Answer: Thin clients need RDP version compatible with Windows 2008 R2.
Question: What vendors offer monitor/keyboard/mouse to USB boxes that can be used with MultiPoint?
Answer: Wyse, Atrus, HP and any plain old USB hub.
Question: Does it support multi monitors, is that two sessions or one session on multimonitor?
Answer: It supports dual monitors if you are using an RDP client that supports it. You can also have two users share a single monitor in split screen.
Question: How does connection to clients work? Does it locate every machine on the local network, locate everything on the client machine or what?
Answer: It detects the USB connection. When the PC is turned on it asks you to hit a specific key, H for example, it uses this information to identify which keyboard belongs to you.
Question: What about printing same as terminal servers?
Answer: Yes, printing is the same.
Question: Do these devices work with WMS when it’s a Hyper V guest?
Answer: USB devices are a problem with any virtualized server. MultiPoint is no different. You would need to use traditional terminal server connections.
Question: Are there any limitations of MultiPoint that do not apply to RD server, in terms of business deployment and applications for example?
Answer: The domain join version is limited to 20 connections.
Question: Can user have remote access to the same desktop, meaning at work they have a thin client and then they go home and need to remote in, will they get same desktop profile or something different?
Answer: They will get the same desktop because they will be connecting to the same RDS session.
Question: Price Multipoint vs RD server? Example: 5-15 users
Answer: MultiPoint server $817 manufacture suggested retail price. $139 or $110 for the two types of cals. More on that in a few minutes.
Question: Are there any thin client devices that support multiple (multipoint) users on a single client?
Answer: Not that I’m aware of.
Question: What’s that Session Agent ?
Answer: a terminal services session
Question: what about sbs 2011 standard?
Answer: It will see it as a PC on the network and can manage it as such.
Question: what about SBS 2011 STD?
Answer: It will see it as a PC and can manage it as such.
Question: What are the local & RDP based printing capabilities?
Answer: These are the same as in terminal services. Nothing different about printing.
Question: So how does multipoint connect to terminals connected to networked machines? Is everything on usb or does multipoint read network addresses?
Answer: It uses remote desktop client.
Question: workstation, pc og server as hardware?
Answer: I don’t understand this question, could you clarify?
Question: So if you are not connecting clients locally there is not a lot of difference between this and TS server?
Answer: The management features are the only difference at that point.
Question: I’m not familiar with that. Can it locate clients on the usb connections to the client pc which is on the wms network? In other words, now does it locate terminals that are in the second layer down from the server?
Answer: it can’t. The stations have to be directly connected to the MultiPoint Server. The only thing between the client and the server is the USB hub.
Question: The typical classroom is 28-30 students. Is there something that works for that?
Answer: You can have multiple multipoint servers for that. They can be managed from a single console for the teacher.
Question: I don’t understand WMS cal vs WS cal
Answer: Ts and OS cal
Question: Can you explain that more?
Answer: explain which?
Question: Can you explain more about how it works when you have more than 20 in a classroom?
Answer: I will ask Dean to go over it again.
Question: Can I get those PPTs ? If Yes,then how ?
Answer: Yes, please watch the and /forum
Question: So there is a 20 simultaneous connection limit for Premium. Can you configure more than 20 users? (Only 20 can connect at any one time).
Answer: There is no limit on the number of users. But only 20 can connect at one time.
Question: Not being familiar with Terminal Services in my normal client environments, I have a question regarding applications. If we’ve got all of the proper licenses in place, can each station run Office Apps and/or other 3rd party apps provided there is enough memory?
Answer: Yes with the proper licensing.
Question: I still don’t get WMS CAL + WS CAL. Is WMS Multipoint, and does it include RD server CAL, and is WS the Windows RD host server CAL?
Answer: When the person connects with a zero client, that is directly via USB then you need the more expensive CAL because that client doesn’t have an OS. However, if you are connecting from a client that already has a winodws CAL, like a laptop or PC or thin client then you need the less expensive CAL.
Question: How does the licensing work with the 6 PCs with 6 users each?
Answer: 6 cals for the PC connection.
Question: Got any infomation on backup and storage limits in Multipoint Server
Answer: same as windows servere, no difference at all.
Question: So please explain how the pcs connect and how their client terminals connect.
Answer: they use remote desktop software if they are a PC.
Question: to install MP station does the pc need to has a os install (i.e win7) or can MP be installed on bare metal?
Answer: It can be on bare metal
Question: So remote access would be using SSL and port 443 like ts 2008 ?
Answer: No, they are making an RDP connection
Question: Would it be feasible to have a WMS at a remote site connected via a T-1 connection back to the main site thus providing each user at the remote site with a desktop?
Answer: Yes most likely
Question: If its TS i would assume that you could use the gateway service so you dont have RDP wide open? Thus using 443 instead of 3389
Answer: Yes it can be configured that way
Question: I’m coming in late, so I apologize if I already missed this. Is there going to be pricing information available? What are the differences between the standard and premium versions? What is the availability of the product? Is it going to be OEM only?
Answer: Yes its in the deck and available.
Question: a double RDP (for Amy’s situation) isn’t a great experience, but it is acceptable if you’ve got good connectivity
Answer: yeah, I’m going to just have to try it.
Question: how can we get the slide deck?
Answer: I will put the decks in the forum Recording will be at /store
Question: Thanks Amy and Dean!
Answer: welcome
Question: Will the Q&A be available within the deck you post?
Answer: Yes and the Q&A will be available on the /blog too
Question: Are there connectivity devices for having a keyboard, montor and mouse at a users desk which is then connected back to the WMS via a single CAT5 cable?
Answer: I saw a picture of one on the ATrust website, but it wasn’t available for purchase yet, so it seems they are coming soon.

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  • Jagdish Kshirsagar

    We are using Windows Multipoint Server 2011. Today we are facing the problem. We are not able to connect users to server. what may be the reason?
    Jagdish Kshirsagar
    Muscat (Sultanate of Oman)

  • Bimal Panchal


    Well I got some issue with our multipoint server deployment, Before going straight to the issue, i’ll give you brief environment info..
    We are a small service provider and we also train users with the software. So we have a training environment of 10 computers. couple of months back i installed multipoint server on a virtual environment as a vm and in training room we setup zero clients. everything went well and it was working fine. Few weeks back i was trying to take snapshot and backup of that particular vm( multipoint server) as after every training session we have to roll back that vm to the default setup. First time i roll back and after that i can’t do rdp connection with that server anymore. Under RD licensing manager it shows “windows 2000 server Built-in TS Per Device license = Unlimited”
    and under RD session Host configuration It shows Licenses are not available for the RD session host server. I have no idea what went wrong. it was working fine before and suddenly getting this error and non of the zero client can connect to multipoint server anymore.. I highly appreciate your reply with regards to this…

    Thanks and Regards
    Bimal Panchal