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Jeremy will kick off the day with his master class in DNS. DNS should not be a mystery to you anymore!

Haven’t registered yet? Please do so now. Your registration fee includes a full day of training, lunch and an evening with Third Tier at the local pub. Space is limited so register today.

Jeremy                                                                               explodingbrain

Name the single most important aspect of any computer network, from the smallest office to the largest multi-national corporation. Name the one thing that each of us use every day, that we don’t even think about. This is DNS.

DNS is a complex protocol that is required for daily operation of your networks. DNS is often set up behind the scenes and has little maintenance and configuration. But what do you do if its not working? How do you troubleshoot and verify its operation? Can you be certain that you have your DNS set up and configured according to best practices?

An overview of DNS and how it works, with an emphasis on ‘WHY’ it matters, how to troubleshoot, and what tools to use to verify its operation. I will go over the different types of DNS servers, split scopes, DNS replication, and other terms that you may have heard. DNS is a practical solution to an everyday problem, that we do not nearly spend enough time on, assuming that it will just work. The intricacies and mysteries of DNS will be explained to you.

It’s time to shed some light on a seriously neglected aspect of networking. Proper DNS configuration gets even more critical as your clients app move to the cloud and you provide more remote access capabilities to the network.

Remember, register to reserve your space. Last year we sold out.


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