Sharepoint it’s not just a website: Using Contacts

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In the previous posts I introduced the concept of not visiting the Sharepoint website to interact with it. For a successful integration you must bring Sharepoint to the people and let them interact with it inside the tools they are used to using. In this post we’ll tackle Contacts.

Managing shared Contacts is one of the biggest pain points that every clients has. It’s probably the first painpoint they encounter when they hire their first employee. Sharepoint will allow your clients to provide access to all corporate contacts by permission. Allow the sharing of contacts between departments and people (or not your choice). It will allow them to take the contacts with them on the road while offline. It will allow them to access their contacts anytime from any device. It will keep them updated and in sync. And most importantly, they won’t get lost when an employee leaves or accidentally deletes them.

Here’s how we do it:

Connect a Sharepoint contact list to Outlook


Make a new Sharepoint contact from Outlook


Make a new contact in Sharepoint and view it in Outlook


Use Contacts when Offline

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