We’ve got your Business Continuity Solution. It’s Datto!

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Now purchase your Datto Siris business continuity appliances from Third Tier. We’ve done our research and decided that Datto makes the most complete solution in the industry. In a crowded field, Datto stands out as Third Tier worthy so much so that we have chosen them as our very first product offering.

The question I know you are asking  is why you would purchase from Third Tier when you can go direct to Datto?  We have a simple answer:

· Our price to you is the same as direct

· You still get your own management portal

· You get all the same features

· AND you get Third Tier support hours with every purchase. These hours will be issued as a credit to your Third Tier account. You can use them for any ticket you with us on any topic. Not limited to Datto support.

Datto’s business continuity solution includes all of the features that your clients need. It uses the ShadowProtect backup engine and you get the bells and whistles of data restore like Exchange mail item, and Sharepoint document restore. Of course the backups are images which you can mount locally on the appliance or in the cloud at no additional charge. Cloud seeding is included too. There are a lot more features too.

The real question is does it work? I can tell you that it does. A member of our Third Tier team has a client with a failed server. They have been running from the image of that server loaded as a virtual machine for over three weeks! Why so long? Because the performance of the disaster recovery solution is exceeding the performance they had previously when the server was working! The Datto appliance has not only saved the day, provided great performance as a virtual server when needed, but most importantly it has given them the luxury of time to make an informed decision about their next server purchase during what otherwise, without Datto, would have been a crisis decision. Don’t we wish that for all of our clients?

We’re going to have a webinar soon to demonstrate the Datto appliance to you. Please keep a watchful eye on the blog for your invitation.

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