Custom Active Directory Schema Extensions can be handy

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During Brain Explosion 2012, which is happening on June 7th as a pre-day event of the IT Pro Conference in New Orleans, Brian is going to take the complex out of AD and Group Policy and not only  show you how to properly manage them but more importantly how to make them bend to your will! Brian will demonstrate one of the custom schema extension he often uses with his clients.

Active Directory Management Presented by Brian Higgins

Active Directory is a complex and powerful system, and combined with the power and complexity of Group Policy it can be downright difficult to manage sometimes. Proper setup and configuration upfront can make management and troubleshooting of complex system like Active Directory (almost) simple. We will start this session by exploring some of the common topology mistakes when setting up Active Directory, and how proper topology layouts can make managing Group Policy much easier. Next we will dive deeper into some strategies behind planning your Group Policy deployments, and discuss some performance considerations when you create new policies. Finally you’ll learn how to create your own custom schema extensions to store custom information in Active Directory. I’ll show you how to use that schema extension knowledge to effortlessly, and automatically deploy and manage network printers to users in a completely new way.

This is but one of the great sessions that Third Tier staff will present during the Brain Explosion. You should register now to reserve your space.

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