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The Enterprise Solutions for SMB project has been underway for a full week and we’re off to a flying start. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far and what’s coming up soon.

If you aren’t signed up  yet, read all about it Meet the Authors and get registered https://www./ We’re going to keep this going for the next 12 months. Sign up and get your exclusive invitation to the following events and articles.

Upcoming Events

February 13th Chat with the SMBKitchen Crew: Please join us for a chat with the authors of the Enterprise Solutions for SMB authors. Collectively we call them the SMBKitchen Crew so join us in the Kitchen for a chat about recently released content.

February 28th In The Know about The Future of Desktop Computing with Intel and Equus: Intel and Equus will join us for an In the Know webinar. Recently Intel announced its decision to exit the desktop market and will phase out desktop system boards over the next three years. What did the crystal ball predict to cause Intel to make this decision? Following that announcement Infotel, a large system builder, announced that it will stop building desktop computers. Can other builders be far behind? Equus, one of the Country’s largest Intel system builders joins us to inform us on how Intel’s decision affects them and how they see the system builder community reacting.

March 6th In The Know about Office 365 Subscriptions with Robert Crane: Whether we like it or not the future of Microsoft applications are subscriptions. Office 365 is the means by which our clients will obtain these applications and Microsoft has just expanded the range of subscriptions dramatically and the ways in which they can be purchased. It’s now nearly as confusing as the rest of Microsoft licensing, a sure sign of maturity at Microsoft. Robert Crane, Office 365 MVP, joins us to explain these options from a small business perspective. Which ones make the most sense for small enterprises? Which packages hold the best opportunities for small business focused IT firms?

Articles Published


Chapter pages published:

  • Backup – Data Importance
  • Security – Using Microsoft’s EMET Tool
  • Windows Server 2012 – Virtualization

How To articles:

  • Installing a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller


  • Java
  • Blocking IE 10
  • Video – What Susan Bradley will be contributing


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