SMBKitchen: Installing Hyper-V on Windows 8, Configuring Networking, and VM Setup Video Posted

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I’m happy to announce that my first How-To video has been posted to our SMBKitchen Project knowledgebase.


I demonstrate the following process:

  1. Setting up the partition configuration.
  2. Setting up Intel NIC Teaming for a dual NIC motherboard.
    • Windows Client does not have NIC teaming built-in as does Server.
  3. Installing the Hyper-V Windows Feature.
  4. Configuring Hyper-V networking with a private and public virtual switch set.
  5. Configuring Hyper-V configuration and VHD file storage locations.
  6. Setting up a Hyper-V based lab environment.
    1. VM: Set up Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 as a router
      1. Private and Public vSwitches bound.
      2. RRAS configured in NAT mode.
    2. VM: Set up Windows Server 2012 Standard as a DC.
      1. Proper network setup for DNS, DHCP, AD, and more.
      2. Forward Lookup Zones for the Domain and Active Directory zones.
      3. Reverse Lookup Zone settings for AD.

There are a significant number of helpful pointers throughout the video that will give you a _very_ good idea of how we set up and deploy Hyper-V but also do a greenfield Windows Server Stack deployment for a new client.


The video is about 43 minutes in length.

Please do check it out! SMBKitchen Project

The small subscription fee helps to justify the time to do these types of How-To efforts. :)

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