Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

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I’m in the process of updating everything about Third Tier to new versions. This includes everything, the VPS resources, Apache and PHP, Kayako, Kerio, WordPress and it’s Plugins. This wasn’t a path I chose but it’s the one I’m on. Going through these upgrade takes me out of my comfort zone. I don’t just do this at Third Tier. I also do it at Harbor Computer Services too. It can be nerve wracking or exciting and usually I’m not sure which state I’m going to be in.

To get to the that point I’m constantly taking myself out of my comfort zone, making mistakes and learning. This means that I’m suffering with broken stuff, things that don’t work as advertised and some that don’t play well with others. I sit through webinars and elearning sessions. I run labs. I install and uninstall. I reboot – a lot. I live in a constant cycle of pain and euphoria.

So why do I put myself through this?

I do it because I am not a one trick pony. I am not a mechanic. I am an IT Professional. My job is to know, why of all the software in the world that developers have created and are creating, why at this moment we are using this particular package. Does it work? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What features are great? Which ones are just so-so. I need to understand how it plays on the network and how it interacts with other software. But most importantly I need to know whether it’s a good fit for the business and whether it will take us forward to new heights.

Businesses have to constantly grow to succeed. As an IT Professional it’s my job to make sure that the IT resources are up to the task. The only way I can do that is to take myself outside of my comfort zone almost constantly.

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