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One of the little things that makes a 2012 RDSH server easier for the end user is when there’s a logoff button on the desktop for them. Loggin off is a much better solution than just disconnecting the session. Logging off closes up the applications and doesn’t leave orphan sessions out there. It’s really easy to create one too.

Right click on the desktop and choose New, Shortcut.

The file name is c:windowssystems32shutdown.exe l  The l is the important part as that will make the session logoff rather than shutdown the server. Click Next until you’re done.


You’ll now have an ugly shortcut on the desktop. Go to Properties of the shortcut and choose a new icon. Now copy that icon onto the user desktops and make them happy.


I’d also suggest adding the button to the Start menu. To do this right click on the shortcut and choose Pin to Start. It really is that simple.

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