Did you get your Crypo Locker kit?

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“I follow Third Tier’s blog because…of the great information like the Crypto prevention.”, Anonymous

At Third Tier, well let’s face it, we’re geeks that like to geek. So when a problem like Cryptolocker came along we read the materials and about it and said to ourselves, that’s nice but what should we do about it? Thus the Cryptolocker Prevention Kit was born.

This blog became the place where updates to the kit were announced and published. I hope that you got your kit, read the updates and were able to protect all of your clients from this horrible affliction. We like to help make you great! Because you see, we’re not only geeks trying to make a living but we’re also very community driven. So if you don’t have your kit yet, or haven’t caught up on the updated information then click here to read all about it. This link will bring together all of our blog posts on the topic into one complete page for you. http://www.thirdtier.net/?s=crypto

If you aren’t following us on our social media locations please do. We’d love to see you there.

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