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What is SMBKitchen ASP doing and why should you join us? Here is one section of what we’re doing: Chats and Recordings

Chats: Each month Phil will lead a Lync Chat. As chats in general are, the topics will be wide ranging but you can bet that Phil will be talking about an aspect of running a successful IT firm. Phil is giving you the inside view of how he runs his business. Normally people only give you insight on how to run an IT business after they’ve sold theirs. Phil is offering you a different perspective. One that shows how a firm is succeeding today. In March and April he talked about documentation, some tools and quoting. As part of the business insight mission of ASP, Amy and Phil have shared their standard documentation samples with the members. In June Phil will be sharing his complete quoting system with the members. As he describes it, it’s his clickity, click, click done tool.

Members can join us every Third Tuesday for these business focused chats. Download and have a listen to the one we held in March.

Recordings: Amy has shared the Oddball recordings that she’s doing for another project and will continue to share them after their air. These are business focused short 5 minute or less insights on how to build a business that serves your lifestyle.

We will also be hosting some webinars and speaking in ones hosted by others. As those occur members will have access to them here too. Our first webinar is on PCI Consulting and it springs off of the PCI Consulting document that Amy wrote for ASP members. PCI has changed recently as more and more small firms are finding themselves at the mercy of the banks and security scanning requirements just so they can accept credit cards for payment of services. It’s a pain point for your clients and an opportunity for you.

Join Amy on April 29th at 7pm eastern for a webinar on PCI Consulting. Join us by clicking the URL at the appropriate time or Download the calendar item Note that this will be the last session available are part of our free trial period that occurred during March and April.


Are you not a member of SMBKitchen ASP? Join up. It’s free through the end of the month. Our goal is to help IT firms be more aware, be better consultants and survive in the new era.

Not a Third Tier customer yet? Let me introduce:  We’re Third Tier. We provide advanced Third Tier support for IT Professionals. Come on over, create an account (no charge) and follow our social media locations.

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