Limit Bandwidth Used by Guest Wifi

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I have mentioned that we are implement bandwidth limitations for Guest wifi and that has generated some questions on how we are doing it. We use Calyptix firewalls so this example will show the settings from that firewall but any quality firewall should contain similar settings. You can use this as a guide.

The client that I’m using in this example has a T1 line and a Cable Internet line. You’ll see that we also have 2 LANS. The one labeled LAN represents the trusted network. The one labeled Wireless is the untrusted guest wifi. In the case of this client, the guest wifi is meant for employees to get email to their phones.


We have setup an Outbound filtering rule that forces any traffic from the Wireless LAN over the T1 connection (Internet) and blocked it from access the Internet via the primary connection. (Comcast) This way we keep the primary connection clear of potential bandwidth hogs.


Because the Guest wifi is only meant for employees to receive email to their phones we have implemented a QoS Queue and Rule to limit bandwidth to the Guest wifi. By doing so email, which is asynchronous, works fine but other types of use (like web surfing or streaming) are slow enough to be annoying and discourage over use.

To enable QoS, first you create a queue


Then you create a rule. In this case we’ve allowed all TCP protocol traffic to pass through.


If we had different goals with this client or if the goals change we can simply edit the Queue to add more bandwidth or change our Rules to allow more specific traffic types.


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