ASP: Being an Small IT Firm Survivor

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It’s tough and getting tougher out there. As a small IT firm you’ve got to stay on top of technology, on top of the issues and on top of your game at all times. ASP is here to help you do just that. We’re publishing articles, chats and webinars just for our subscribers. These are from 3 people that are working in small IT today and are sharing what they do with you so you can be successful too.

Are you not a member of SMBKitchen ASP? Join up. $300 for new members and only $120 for previous members of the SMBKitchen Project. . Just register for an account then proceed to payments, click buy more support and add the ASP to your cart.  Our goal is to help IT firms be more aware, be better consultants and survive in the new era.


Quick Exchange ActiveSync Audit
Social Media threats, Iranian Hackers and Facebook Spearphishing
FBI assesses self-driving cars
Client Training: Spot the Phish
Understand the basics: Threats to Online Banking
USA takes China Military to court for cyber crimes
FBI goes after buyers of malware…
Patching May
Case Study: Recommending BYOD
KB2920189 Alert Failure to Boot
New Threats use AppData folder to launch
Ukraine Russia and hacking
Bad iTunes Update
Taking a Vacation
Phil’s Quote Template
Risks from Insider Threats
Green Dot Extortion
Case Study: Advising Client to Move to the Cloud
IE Zero Day
BYOD Consulting
Phone scams on the elderly
Heartbleed Technical plus Snort Signatures

Windows 8.1 Update Issues
Healthcare Warning and Opportunity?
Client Facing Material for Heartbleed
PCI Compliance Consulting
WiFi Vulnerabilities from Pineapple Router
Windows Server 2012 with Issues
Coordinated financial attacks with list of domains
Collecting and Monitoring Event Logs
Zero Day for Word 2010
Chat Recordings
Windows Xp End of Life
Security Office 2003 and Windows XP
Patching March
Migrating from SBS 2008 or 2011 to Exchange 2013
Google Dorking Friend or Foe?

SAP to be target for Trojan
High Risk P2P Mobile Payment Solutions Vulnerable


March 2014 – Introduction to ASP; Review of published articles this month; Phil leads discussion on tracking time; Text chat discussion around payment methods accepted, application used and Phil shares a tale of disaster nearly avoided when the encryption key for the backup was found in the “to be shredded pile”

April 2014 – Heartbleed, Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 mandatory update issues, NK2 whoa’s, discussion around what’s coming next and what been published thus far.

May 2014 – Announcement of Brain Explosion, BYOD Webinar. Phil reviews his quoting tool (also in the knowledgebase for download). Discussion around Emory University disaster and sharing of our worst stupid mistakes ever.

Oddball Podcasts

1. Building the business around you

2. Summer Fridays

3. Growing without sales

4. Giving away your job

 BYOD Consulting
PCI Compliance Consulting

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