IE 11 Set Home Page via Group Policy Obscurity 4

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and IE 10 apparently too. The photo below is from a Microsoft forum post that was never solved ( After some searching I did finally find the answer in another forum that unfortunately I can’t locate again as I post this. And that’s actually the point. This knowledge is hidden from plain view so I’m sharing it here in hopes of elevating the solution.

In the snip below you will see that I’ve terribly drawn an arrow pointing to a red dotted line. That red dotted line means that the setting is disabled. Why you ask would you create a group policy preference and have a singular setting within it disabled by default? That is a question for Microsoft. I can’t come up with a good reason.

To enable your setting hit the F6 key. The red line will turn to green and your group policy preference will now work as expected and users will have the home page that you’ve set for them.



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