Ditching WSUS

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If you are a long time Small Business Server manager then you probably fell in love with WSUS at some point. I did. It used to be that we could sit back and gloat while others suffered from bad updates that caused massive problems for multiple clients simultaneously. Over the last couple of years though the relationship as soured as WSUS became a bloated messy database whose clean up tools didn’t work and log files ballooned out of control constantly. From a hands free self-managing update solution, WSUS became a continual maintenance nightmare. In addition to these problems, we’re also assisting customers with moving off of SBS so now WSUS isn’t there by default; it has become a yes/no decision point. All together then, it’s time to ditch WSUS.

When you ditch WSUS you’ve got a lot of choice for replacement. There’s Intune, Kaseya and other managed platforms, purpose built patching solutions like GFI and Solarwinds and then there’s the one that we chose, LogMeIn Central. As LogMeIn Rescue users already, the move to Central is a natural. We can control updates, remote access and perform vital management tasks all from a single rather inexpensive location.

Servers will update only manually. The updates will be downloaded but not installed until we touch them for our monthly maintenance program. PC’s will update automatically.

Overall this move is in keeping with my philosophy to only gather the information you need and keep overhead as low as possible.


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