Where’s the money in managing mobile devices?

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There no get rich quick scheme when it comes to managing mobile for most of us. For most of use we have clients and those clients own some mobile devices but employees own the majority of them. So should you bother offering mobile device management? Yes you should as part of the total package of technology management.

Here’s where you can make some money:

  • Step one. Be the person that does the initial configuration
  • A lot of mobile management is actually a human resources problem and not a technology problem but here is where you can shine by offering policies that help them define the acceptable use and employee responsibility to protecting the data that they are about to download. Also define what happens when the employee leaves, device is stolen or simply taken out of service.
  • Technical mobile device policies. Design and implement them! PIN enforcement, quarantine new devices pending approval, limit the data stored, etc.
  • Install malware protection. Most anti-virus vendors are now including mobile protection with the licenses you purchase for the desktop. Make sure it gets installed.
  • Educate end users on safe mobile device usage.
  • Get involved in selling devices and cellular service. The major distributors offer good programs that help business through the painful process of managing cellphone plans. If you can reduce the 2 hour go to the store time, your client will love you.

You may have noticed that almost none of this is an automated process. Rather it’s consulting, training and sales and it’s high touch. It’s a service and services require smiling faces and helpful people to provide that service. Be that person and you’ll have a long business life with loyal clients.

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