Heads Up Everyone! Our Helpdesk URL is about to change

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On Friday at 8am GMT our current helpdesk will go offline for a migration to a new host and new URL. The new URL for our helpdesk will be https://helpdesk.thirdtier.net Please make a note of the change and update any bookmarks that you may have.

Why the change? Well we’re growing and I wanted to separate the helpdesk onto a different host from the website and mail system, thus protecting us from multiple service failures and to support future growth. Previously everything resided on a single server host. Now we have two completely different hosts, one in the Eastern USA and the other in the UK. We’ll have better performance too as each system is larger and more powerful than the previous shared system.

So make that note, on Friday you’ll need to start using the new URL https://helpdesk.thirdtier.net


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