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In May we have a four free events planned. Ransomware, Patching, Phil’s Chat and Powersell paranoia. Reserve your spot today. You’ll need to click the link to go to each registration page.

May 6th: Amy will be presenting along with Calyptix a webinar providing technical information on how to manage your networks to protect them from ransomeware. No protection is 100% of course but you can still do a lot of prevention.

May 14th: Susan Bradley will be presenting two sessions at the inaugural Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference.  Amy and Philip will be assisting Susan with Q&A and moderation issues. All of the sessions will be given by MVPs and the best part is that anyone can attend! The conference is for two full days with session around the clock

May 20th: Chat with Philip Elder.

May 27th: Amy, Susan welcome Carlos Perez to join us for this webinar about Powershell. This isn’t your typical how to use powershell session. This is about how people are using and abusing powershell.


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