Announcement: Rate Increase

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Third Tier has held the same rate since 2008 when we opened our virtual doors. Well as you certainly know a lot has changed cost wise in the intervening years. So to continue to improve our service levels, enable the retention of top talent and continue our community work, starting June 1st Third Tier’s rate will increase to $200 per hour.

If you have existing hours in your account they will be honored at the rate they were purchased.
If you have an open ticket you might want to take some time in the next couple of days to purchase any additional hours you think that you’ll need to wrap it up at the lower rate.
Any hours purchased after June 1 will be at the new rate regardless of whether they are applied to an existing open ticket or not. So why not purchase a few hours to fuel your account before June 1? It’s an option.

thanks for your continued support,
Amy Babinchak

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