Hosting Multiple WordPress Azure WebApps In A Single MySQL Database

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If like me you needed more than the free MySQL plan that Azure offers to host your websites then you ended up buying the next level up which is a 1TB database cluster. My websites use a few hundred MB’s due to the free downloadable resources that we offer to IT Pro’s here at Third Tier but the other two websites I need are only a few MB’s each. Initially the Azure Gallery allowed me to setup a second WordPress site into the MySQL database that already housed my first website and this was great. But then I wanted to put a third website into that database and this is where the Gallery wizard let me down. My attempts didn’t error out but instead just presented a white screen instead of the lovely WordPress setup page.

Here’s how you configure WordPress for this scenario:

  • Run through the Azure WordPress Gallery wizard.
  • Log into the FTP site for your new WordPress site. For this you’ll use <newsite>\<yourFTPusernameforallofyoursites> and your usual FTP password
  • Delete or better yet rename the wp-config file
  • Go to your website and you will see that WordPress is welcoming you to setup

There will be two steps to the setup process. When asked be sure to put in a database prefix. The prefix is how WordPress will distinguish your files for this website from the others. The second step is going to ask you for your MYSQL credentials. This is the ClearDB subscription, username and password. Login to ClearDB to find your host, username and password for your database if you don’t have it in your documentation. (you do have documentation right?)

When you finish you’ll be where you wanted to be; at a new WordPress site home page. Hello World!


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