Review SSL certificates for compliance with upcoming rules. PCI DSS, BEAST, FREAK, POODLE and Private Domain Names like .local

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by Susan Bradley

The rules for SSL certificates are changing. Much of SSL has now been deemed broken so it’s likely that your certificates will need to be updated and your web servers need to have some setting changes made in order to remain in compliance. Further, if you haven’t heard, Google is now favoring SSL secured sites over non-SSL sites in search engine results.


SSL certificates need to be reviewed for compliance with upcoming changes and hardening by browsers. Servers need to be reviewed to see if they are PCI DSS compliant as well as patched for BEAST, FREAK and POODLE vulnerabilities. Certificates must be at least 2048-bit AND they must not contain any private domain names, such as the common .local.

This paper includes testing and remediation procedures. Download your copy.


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