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Today we’re announcing an opportunity for you or your clients to finance hardware and software purchases

We found ourselves with a desire to assist our Be The Cloud partners to finance the hardware and software associated with that solution because most of them didn’t have existing financing relationships to leverage. Heck, most small IT firms don’t so why not make financing available to everyone? So that’s what we’re doing.

imageFinancing can be useful for many deals that you might be talking to your clients about. Say you are offering them a server, a couple of workstations and the software to go with it. It’s not a huge deal. But using this financing system your quote could have two payment options: $15,000 one time payment or $494.95 a month for 3 years. You probably have a few clients that would appreciate having the choice.

Next you’ll click the Create Proposal button and it’s just going to ask for the name, business name, email address and phone number of the company taking out the financing. You’ll have an approval within 2 hours!

You will get 50% of the funds released to you immediately and 50% upon delivery so there’s no risk to you. Even if your customer stops paying you’ve already collected your money from the financing firm.

So go ahead and give your clients the option. We’ve done the work to create the relationship and we hope that you’ll be the one to reap the benefit of it. You’re welcome! Smile


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