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Warning this isn’t our usual technical content. This is more of a rant.

What comes around goes around. There is nothing new under the sun. Same old sheep in a new set of wool. These old adages got old because they have stood the test of time (to uses another one) and remained relevant.  These phases can today be applied to the pressure that cloud vendors are placing on IT professionals to become sales people. Sell our cloud app! Bundle our cloud app! What’s not new about this? I mean, it’s CLOUD so it must be new right?

Wrong. This is the same pressure that hardware vendors put upon IT firms years ago. Those that bought into the idea that they had to pretend to build computers by partnering with a system builder to created a personal brand found themselves stuck with inventory, pigeon holed into being “the hardware guy”, swindled into a retail store front, probably bankrupt or maybe still in business but struggling with an outdated business model that depends upon hardware and software sales.

Don’t be that guy!

Yes cloud is a wonderful new option for your clients. Yes cloud can bring them new functionality. Sometimes it might bring them added productivity. I sell cloud. I love cloud. I own cloud businesses. BUT, I’m not a cloud sales person. I’m not going to rush out and change my business model to shift into selling cloud because if I don’t I won’t earn a measly % monthly. I won’t because I was never a hardware and software sales person and so I will never be a cloud app sales person. This doesn’t mean that I don’t sell hardware, software and cloud stuff because I do. It just means that I won’t build my business model around sales.

My IT businesses are service businesses and no matter how strong the incoming pressure we will forever be a services business. So service businesses stick to your guns, you are tried and true, and rise above the clatter for you have a business model that can truly stand the test of time.

– Amy

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One thought on “Cloud vendors want YOU as their sales staff

  • Scott Bonacker CPA

    So right, Amy.

    Initially WordPress said my 3 word comment wouldn’t post because it was too short. That’s like the time that FeedBlitz wouldn’t accept my email addy for a blog subscription because the software decided it couldn’t be real. I fixed that by subscribing with a new email addess “FeedBlitzisDumb.” That slid through easily.

    So anyway, if WordPress wants more words then fine then no problem. The too-short warning dialogue didn’t say how many words were enough, so can only hope these are just barely enough and I am not overdoing it. By too much anyway.

    Your closing sentence says it all, Amy – “…you have a business model that can truly stand the test of time.”