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A lot has changed since October 2013. Yes, it has really been two years since we published our group policies to help mitigate against Cryptolocker. Since then we added instructions for protecting non-domain joined machines, workgroup computers, configuring your firewall, protecting your backup locations, advice on minimizing your attack surface and educating clients. It’s the proverbial onion layer approach. There’s no one solution for something like this because it’s always morphing.

So now that script kiddies can purchase an encryption attack and push it out and the bad guys have come up with a dozen or more really effective and tricky encrypting malware variations (and thousands of me-too versions) it’s time to update the kit.

All of the old stuff still applies so there will be a lot of the same old thing in it too. But a few new tricks as well and some options that you might want to consider.

We’ll be wrapping it all up in a tidy little download and we’re going to use it as a fundraiser to support females that want to enter the field of IT. You see, I just got back from attending Microsoft MVP Summit and I was never in a room with more than 2 women. Most of time I was the only female. So we have an opportunity here to turn the negative greed grab that is ransomeware and turn it into a fund to pay for certifications for women so they can provide proof to potential employers that they know their stuff and get hired.

We’ll be keeping these funds separate from regular Third Tier revenue and we’ll publish where they go to in future blog posts so you’ll know this is on the up and up.

So I’m curious. How valuable is preventing ransomware to you? Be a leader. Click that link and we’ll send it when it’s ready. Don’t forget to share the link with your IT and business friends and let’s turn this ransomeware scourge into something positive.


– Amy Babinchak and Susan Bradley



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32 thoughts on “The New Ransomware Kit is Coming Soon

  • GavinT

    Great idea! We have a considerable number of women in our IT department, as leaders and support staff. Generally much easier to work with than us Neanderthal types.
    They don’t require the ego stroking. ;)

  • Patrick Jordan

    Clicked your link – took 3 or 4 times to actually make it work. When it finally did, I made a small donation via Paypal and hit the return to Third Tier link – only to land on a ‘failed to load’ type page.

    So basically no idea whether my donation is recognized and whether the download will be available to me. Not exactly a slick process.

    • Third Tier Post author

      Your donation was received. I will see what happened to the Thank You page. Thanks for letting me know that it went kapput


    My apologies for sounding paranoid, but what are the assurances the donation is actually being put to use as advertised? BTW I’m a woman in IT for 17 years.

  • Chad markley

    Really excited about the udpated kit!! We live by the one put out in 2013. Thanks for the good work and loking forward to supporting the effort!

  • Vaibhav Kalve

    My computer was infected with virus in last month. I scanned whole computer with kaspersky antivirus I get nothing after that. After researching I found out that virus was self destructive and it eliminates itself after creating a damage to files. Most of the files are encrypted with virus and I am facing hard time to decrypt it back. All the files are encrypted with .LOL extension and I couldn’t find any legitimate software to decrypt that. Do you have any suggestion on this?

    • Third Tier Post author

      Most often anti-virus will not detect this because it’s not really a virus. It’s just acting as the user performing an activity that the user is allowed to do. The only way to recover files in most cases is to restore them from backup. Decryption is not possible unless you pay the ransom to the bad guys. Information on how to do that is usually found in a txt file within each folder housing encrypted files.

  • Craig Richard Sause

    I would like to obtain your Ransomware Kit but am unable to provide a donation. Your system does not seem to like my Italian credit card.

  • Simon J

    Hi, On Feb 10th, I paid/donated with PayPal – Transaction ID
    4C38272662214815W. I supplied my e-mail and postal address but have not received anything. Can you please check and give me an update?

    Hope the Office Ninja can help.

    • Third Tier Post author

      Simon – yes i see the donation, thank you, and I sent the kit on the 10th. I will send it again to you tonight. Be sure to check your spam folder and that’s where it often lands.

  • David O'Malley

    I made a donation today and was not provided anything. clicking return to ThirdTier brought me back to the donation page. Receipt Number:1416-8910-7584-8489

    Was I supposed to see a download page?

  • B.A.

    Promoting the Tech industry to young women has been a big fail in this country and that needs to change.
    Made a small donation on March 18th saw the thank you page and never received anything else via email. Transaction ID #9B054925F7215954W.

  • JasonF

    Amy, to make sure I understand this. Once we have given a donation, we will receive the kit via a link which includes the zip file contain the rules to prevent your local machine from running any exe’s from your specified location on your machine, firewall recommendations, etc, etc..? Is this a yearly thing or a one time donation of any value? If this helps, I’m happy to give a yearly donation to keep this going. Thanks!

    • Third Tier Post author

      One time thing Jason but I’m happy for additional donations to keep us motivated to continue improving and adding to the contents of the kit.