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One thing that every business has to know is who their customers are. Well, when you are a business run exclusively over the Internet and you don’t actually meet your customers in person then we have to rely on what Google analytics tell us about you.

So here’s a little glimpse into who Third Tier’s customers were for the month of April. We have about 18k-20k visitors every month.

  • You’re on the young side of IT. That’s great! It means that we’re connecting with future leaders in the industry.
  • You’re overwhelmingly male. So sad, still not enough women in this industry.


  • You’re everywhere! 37% USA, 11% UK, 5% Australia, 4% German, 4% Canadian (yo Canada our neighbors where are you?), 3% Netherlands and on down the line until we’ve covered everywhere except those grey bits in central Africa.


  • Contrary to the trends you read in every magazine, you interact with us from a desktop, not your mobile phone or tablet. Why? Probably because you are business people and those mobility statistics we constantly hear about are consumer numbers.


  • How do you find us? 58% of you found us because you searched and we came up as having the answer you needed. 25% of you visited us because you’d been here before. 12% of you were referred from another website, usually a forum where someone says, go here and use these guys. A lousy .3% came to us by clicking on a email and that’s because we don’t send much email that says click here.


  • What kind of business did you do with us? Well 34% of you came for our Ransomware Prevention Kit and the rest of you came for our technical expertise available in our helpdesk and blog posts.



At Third Tier, helping IT Professionals is all we do.

Not a Third Tier customer yet? Let me introduce:  We’re Third Tier. We provide advanced Third Tier support for IT Professionals and MicroStaffing for IT consulting firms. Come on over, create an account  and follow our social media locations.

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