Azure AD Connect Resync Steps

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There are often times when you may need to reset your Active Directory sync with Azure. It’s not obvious how you would do it. Just re-running the AD Connect tool will not do it.

The first time you run the tool, it will sync AD automatically. If you make configuration changes after the initial sync (IE add additional OU’s) you need to run the full sync again manually using the following steps:

1. Add the additional OU’s in the AD Connect Tool:


2. Once the settings are applied successfully, browse to the following folder and run as administrator. (c:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\UIShell). This allows you to see the logs.


3. To start a new Full Sync, open Powershell as admin and run the following commands:


That should initiate a full sync which will immediately sync up to O365/Azure. With 100 Users the sync took less than 5 seconds.

Now when you log into Azure AD or Office 365 all of your users should be available.


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